Unschool was the way human children, like their mammal cousins, learned for millenia. It was not called "unschooling" because the institution of forced education had never been forced upon children until very recently in human history. What is now seen as a new philosophy is not new at all; it is a deliberate attempt to return to nature;s intent, to return children to their natural, organic state of innate passion. ~Laurie A. Couture

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Zoo Trip!!! 8/30/11

Man, I gotta tell ya, the learning opportunities at the zoo are amazing and so much fun!  We knocked out science, math, spelling, history, geography & nutrition to name a few..

Our first stop was at Once Upon a Farm, we had a quick lesson in antique farm tools:
the whole wall was full of cool looking tools, but I couldn't back up far enough to get them.

(what are your thoughts on what this is?)

Then we had the pleasure of hanging out with this guy:

Cory got a kick out of getting to pet the sheep and I explained how we shave the sheep to get their wool to make clothes out of. He was fascinated that we wear sheep hair. LOL

And then there were chickens; I gave fellow spectators a show when I started pointing and naming breeds. Here are the Silkies I love so much!

And here's Cory with the feather he wanted to bring home, but I told him it would be better to take a pic. You can't see it well enough in the pic but it is a beautiful gunmetal gray.

After that we took a break in the expo building, enjoyed the AC and a snack, along with a game of tag with some other kids that were enjoying the AC also.

Then we were off to see the penguins and learned that some penguins live in the arctic and some live in Africa; he was surprised that some like the heat and some the cold but they all enjoy fish!!

We then decided we needed more AC and headed over to Teton Trek where they house the wolves, bears, elk and a few more wonderful animals.  We ate a light snack inside and the kids had fun with the interactive computers and learning about the animals & their habitats

And finally, what seemed to be the best part of the day for the kids - socialization! This is where we spent the majority of our time.

Who says unschooling can't be fun?!  I beg to differ....my kids learned more on this trip than they ever would have in a classroom.  Does your 4 year old know the difference between a mammal and a reptile or a carnivore and herbivore?

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