Unschool was the way human children, like their mammal cousins, learned for millenia. It was not called "unschooling" because the institution of forced education had never been forced upon children until very recently in human history. What is now seen as a new philosophy is not new at all; it is a deliberate attempt to return to nature;s intent, to return children to their natural, organic state of innate passion. ~Laurie A. Couture

Friday, August 12, 2011

A Lesson in Litter

We walked to the park by the house last night so the kids could run out some of their energy and when we got there Cory looked around and said "What a mess mama, people need to cycle (meaning recycle).  We need to pick these up and put them in the can!"

I was so happy I almost cried!  He really does listen when I speak of environmentalism.  So he helped me and Mara pick up all the water bottles and soda cans laying about the playground THEN proceeded to play.  I couldn't be more proud!

Do you teach your children about environmental issues?  If so, do you use any learning aids?

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