Unschool was the way human children, like their mammal cousins, learned for millenia. It was not called "unschooling" because the institution of forced education had never been forced upon children until very recently in human history. What is now seen as a new philosophy is not new at all; it is a deliberate attempt to return to nature;s intent, to return children to their natural, organic state of innate passion. ~Laurie A. Couture

Thursday, August 16, 2012

mid week wrap up


Sorry for the lack of fancy posts, things here have been crazy and i really just wanted to get what we did recorded so I didn't lose track of subjects covered.

Science - Ceratopsians
largest carnivore - spinosaurus
largest hebivore - argentinosaurus
pbskids.org - dinosaur train & daniel tigers neighborhood

art - primary & secondary colors (finger paints)

computer usage - navigation, keyboard recognition

phys ed - 30 min outside/water play

religion - Jesus Storybook Bible (highly recommend this!)

english - writing, letter recognition, letter sounds

math - basic addition & subtration (1-20), money values, fractions (1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 1)
            grocery store math  (prices, quantities)

geography - where studied dinos lived

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