Unschool was the way human children, like their mammal cousins, learned for millenia. It was not called "unschooling" because the institution of forced education had never been forced upon children until very recently in human history. What is now seen as a new philosophy is not new at all; it is a deliberate attempt to return to nature;s intent, to return children to their natural, organic state of innate passion. ~Laurie A. Couture

Thursday, August 23, 2012

bats, math and baking..oh my!

Yesterday was spent talking about bats and debating whether or not they would make good pets. Cory's theory is that if we had bats as pets, they would eat all the mosquitoes in the backyard so we could play outside more.  So we looked it up!

We also looked up different types of bats, where they live, what they eat, etc and will be making a special trip to the zoo soon to study the ones there.

Math...Let me tell you my son is obsessed with math. All day he comes to me asking "what's this plus this?" He tries to get way to complicated and I answer but remind him we need to stick to numbers he can count to and to try to keep it under 20 for now. lol He's getting better at knowing the answers off the top of his head, but also counts fingers and toes; it's so cute!  Last night in bed we were talking numbers, and I blew his mind taking about fractions.  We have really been enjoying the problems posted by Bedtime Math Problem on Facebook.

Both yesterday and today we have been baking bread. Both kids loved getting to help measure, mix and knead the dough.  Both days have also been full of definitions, spelling, stories, writing, and talking about places we would like to visit then looking them up on the map.

Today we are also talking about different types of weather and what causes it.  Cory really liked the pictures that went with this article on NatGeo.  He always loves looking at clouds and I like trying to explain the different types, and what they are made of. This led to a talk about the water cycle that took us to the kitchen. We put a bunch of ice cubes in a pot, turned the stove on and watched them melt down to water then evaporate into steam.  We also read the Magic School Bus book about it.

After Cory lost interest, Mara crawled up in my lap with another book..then decided she wanted her nails painted. So, yes, I painted her fingers and toes - fingers black (she asked for it) and toes black and yellow. She now thinks she is Bumblebee Girl and wants to be that for Halloween. LOL

Cory heard "Halloween" and came running, talking about what he wants to be....a vampire, a dinosaur, a lion..he has no clue.

Here's what he came up with..now all i need is a brown hooded sweat shirt, brown seat pants and some felt. vampire lion it is LOL

Oh, both kids have decided they like washing dishes and I am NOT complaining!!  Cory is actually in there right now washing some. They both do a really good job, they use way too much soap, but everything gets clean!
Mara washing bowls

I can't wait to see what this afternoon brings!

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